Slot Types

Slot Types

Perfect Guide To Slot Types

Online slots are a great way for the gamblers to unwind and earn money. There are various slot machines available, and it is essential for the players to know the slot types before deciding upon a slot machine.

The slot machine types can be categorized based on several factors such as:

  • Denomination
  • Number of Reels
  • Game Type

Types of Slots

These slots are a huge hit among gambling enthusiasts as they can play at their own pace and convenience. These games do not require special skills. With the development of Internet and technology, video slots are getting better every day. They are known as Multi-Line slots as they offer multiple paylines or 5 reels slots. These slots use intriguing themes, symbols, bonus, graphics, and animation to make the games more exciting and attractive.

Classic slots are for those punters who are fond of the old school brick and mortar Las Vegas casino environment. These slots provide the same experience through web-based games. Usually, classic slots provide only three reels and one payline. However, with the online slots, multiple reels and paylines are available.  

Before the advent of online slot games, gambling majorly happened in land casinos. However, everything changed with the introduction of online slot games. The latest transition occurred is the introduction of Mobile slots. With the mobile gaming world overgrowing, these slots are a welcome change among the players. They have the convenience of playing from anywhere and anytime.  

Progressive slots are the types of slots helping punters to earn more in less time. Most of the online slots have fixed payout ratios and are stated in the payout table. However, progressive slots are slightly different. In this type, the payout for one combination keeps on increasing with each wager. Progressive slots can be 3 Reel slots or Video Slots.

3D slots are new entrants into the world of slot games types. These slots are similar to VideoSlots. The only difference is the quality of visuals and audio. The visuals are all 3D animated and punters can experience as if they are interacting with the characters. 3D slots also offer various themes making the players’ experience an entirely new world.

These slots require large bets for the punters to play. They are considered advantageous over love limit slots as a higher payout percentage is offered. The perks available for such punters are also higher and exclusive.