Game Features: Multipliers

MultipliersHow Can Multipliers Boost Your Earnings In A Slot Game?

Multipliers are the most exciting symbols in the slot game. By the name, their purpose is to multiply the earning of a game all around or the line gain or total gain of the spin. Although not all the casinos have multiplier symbols, some slot games have them as a rare occurring symbol making very special for the gamblers. It is more common among free spins than with base slots as they are targeted to offer more benefits than usual, which also comes with wagering requirements and restrictions.

Types of Slot Multipliers and How They Work

The multiplier effect changes depending on the slot multiplier types whether it doubles, triples or offers jackpots like 10x and 100x. Below are few of the common slot multipliers and the way they work.

  • Base Multipliers

These multipliers are found in every slots’ gameplay. They are not common in slot games in usual scenarios. However, special slot games tend to have a hidden multiplier that occurs now and then to boost the earnings. They often double for triple the profits and have the least wagering requirements due to rare nature of occurrence.

  • Free Spin Multipliers

These are where you can spot a multiplier most frequently of all the possible scenarios. Free spins are all about a promotion tending to give bonus coins; multipliers elevate the surprise of the bonus further. The higher probability of getting multipliers comes with more and more wagering requirements and restrictions.

  • Scattered Multipliers

These unique multipliers are taken into account even if they are not a part of the lines chosen. Suppose, a double multiplier appears in a random location out of the line, then the line-betting amount is doubled.

  • Multiplying Wilds

These are the most functional symbols carrying the purpose of both multiplying and as a wild symbol to fulfill the streak or total spin. These are one of the rarest kinds of multipliers found only with the best multiplier slot games.

Although multipliers are not common out of free spins, they can be found in specific slot games if enough research is done before choosing the online casino to enter. Some online casinos even offer free multiplier slot games for a limited duration as a part of the promotion for every new gambler registering with them. Make sure to check for legitimacy of the online casino if you come across such free games, as it is very unusual for the casinos to host such games even with very high wagering requirements.