Coronavirus impact on online gambling

Coronavirus Impact On Online Gambling

  Some two months ago, nothing was heard about the coronavirus, and no one knew that the terrible word “pandemic” was waiting for us … But! We will not be upset, but rather consider the situation of gambling, how did the virus affect it. Global situations, often unpleasant and dangerous, hit all aspects of life. The collapse of oil, the correction of exchange rates (especially the dollar), the precarious situation of cryptocurrencies, the blow to the service sector – one can argue for a long time the effect of coronavirus on the world economy, and not only.

Coronavirus and offline casinos

  As for gambling, it all started with land-based casinos and slot machines. It’s not hard to guess how hard it was for them, and now too. The first to suffer was the gambling market of Macau, the Chinese peninsula. They began quarantine since February 4. It lasted 15 days, and it was even canceled. But despite this, during this time the gambling business felt all the negativity associated with the virus. You pretty know that when there is a threat of infection, people will hide in their homes and try to contact their own kind as little as possible. And of course, at such a time, it’s definitely not up to excitement and entertainment. The so-called offline casinos and slot machines are closed and further closed due to quarantine. Only the Philippines can boast of complete calm and even normal access to playgrounds. They steadfastly hold a position and are not afraid of a coronavirus. What is most interesting, not so long ago, the Philippine government was against slot machines, and now this business is flourishing despite the panic around. Against their background, Las Vegas suffered very heavily, the shares of gambling operators fell below nowhere.

  But we will not dwell on this topic, but something tells me that Filipinos are cunning guys. As for the rest of the world, especially in recent times in Europe, I think you already know. This is logical, gambling sites are a place for entertainment, first of all. There is no large crowd of people, as on the stock exchange, for example. But still it is. And I think it’s wise to be at home to avoid danger. And if already sick, then do not infect others. To be honest, masks do not help. But what if the casino is not only a familiar way to relax, but already a full-fledged hobby? One can only imagine how shocked it was when quarantine was announced. And when he “captured” all the mass places. If you were calm before the first patients appeared and laughed from empty shelves without toilet paper, then when your usual life was shaken, it got not so funny. After all, the point is not only in panic and fear of getting sick, but in the fact that life is now different.

Coronavirus and online casinos

  And what if you find yourself in front of the closed doors of your favorite gaming establishment? Do not be sad! And remember that many well-known gambling operators exist perfectly online. And what is the plus, on the Internet you definitely will not get infected! Technology has not reached this point yet. Without leaving your home, you can play in your favorite casino and replenish your pocket. Take a look – everyone is already talking about life online. If land-based casinos will “tidy themselves up” after the coronavirus for a long time, then online platforms will only win on this. This is our human nature – some are panicking, others are using the situation. Be smarter, do not panic 😉

  Note for bookmakers! Unfortunately, the Olympic Games and other major sporting events are now at risk. The only drawback that will get online too, is the lack of betting on anything. So seize the moment and let’s hope that everything will be settled soon.

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