Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots background

Progressive slot machines, or in other words progressive jackpots, are the slots where potential win (jackpot) is not fixed. Moreover, it may vary depending on other players’ bets as well as wins. Many gamblers likes this feature and if you belong to this group of players – check our exclusive list of progressive online slots. If you are new to this type of slots – continue and learn more about how it works. Last but not least, enjoy great free spins and deposit bonuses on best progressive slot games to play for free and win for real!

What is a progressive slot machine?

How do progressive jackpot works? What does progressive mean on a slot machine? To answer those and similar questions, lets put it simple, progressive slots works similarly as lottery. To be more precise, many players brings money (bets; deposits) – it helps to grow the jackpot. Then, regularly someone wins it (jackpot). Unlimited potential win is the main reason why many slot fans tends to choose progressive slot machines. To tell more, depending on progressive slot, the jackpot can grow really fast because majority of popular progressive slot games are linked and available not only with one casino site. More popular slot – more casinos has it, more casinos has it – more players worldwide can reach it, more players reaches it – the one and common jackpot grows faster, progressively.

Want to try free progressive slots?

As free video slots and other free slots, free progressive slot games are mostly popular among newbies or players who looking for a free play to win real money. Unfortunately, due to huge potential win and progressively growing jackpot not many free progressive slots are available in the market. Only few casino sites takes this risk and sponsors free no deposit bonuses on progressive slot machines. However, to find great no deposit bonuses on such slot games we find as challenge so at you always can expect to find and enjoy free play bonuses on progressive jackpot slots!

What are the best progressive slots?

How to win progressive jackpot at slots? One of the requirements which makes your chances of winning slightly better is….to choose and focus on playing best progressive slot machines. What does it mean best progressive slot machines? Various sources reviewers online has own definition for best jackpots which is not always presented. We love clarity and with a help of our insider’s experience we would like to present what you can expect from all best progressive slot machines you will find at our site. Those slots are:

  • From top gaming providers
  • Very popular among slot fans
  • Available in many reliable casino sites
  • Average payout rate (RTP)
  • Winning frequency

Not all progressive slot games providers are considered as the ones who creates best games so here we look only at the top companies. As we talked earlier, popularity is important because it reflects reliability and partially indicates what are the best progressive slot machines. Popularity among players usually means wider availability among different casino sites so we look at this too. Then, after analyzing performance data of progressive slots we are able to share and reflect average winning rates as well as winning frequency information in our best progressive slot machines listings.

How much can win at progressive slots?

As mentioned previously, the potential and maximum win at progressive slot games is unlimited and not fixed at all. Everybody likes facts and statistics before making a decision so check it out below the list of biggest and most famous wins at progressive jackpot slots:

  • Mega Moolah slot, by Microgaming, +18 mln €
  • Mega Fortune slot, by NetEnt, +17 mln €
  • Arabian Nights slot, by NetEnt, +8 mln €
  • Joker Millions slot, by Yggdrasil Gaming, +7 mln €

Enjoy progressive slots and gamble responsibly. Do not forget to comeback to revise our regular content, bonuses and hints updates for progressive slots!