Play for free or for real money in a casino?

Play For Free or for Real Money background

Online gambling platforms are extremely popular today. That’s a given. After all, modern video slots like Netent won’t only take you into the fascinating world of slot games forcing you to stop and smell the roses, but also help you make good money online. The developers trying to overtake competitors and offer more and more high-quality slot machines. They even put forward a variety of themes, from fruit and flower emulators to slot games on star battles, not to mention the abundance of different adventures, parodies of famous people and characters as well as popular films. Let’s ask ourselves: what is better, to play for real money at casino or to choose free slots?

What are the advantages of free slot machines comparing to real money play?

After a little research exploring both types of gambling, for free and with real bets, the following conclusions were made:

  • It’s useful to gamble with online slot machines for free. 
    To attract new visitors to their entertainment platforms, the owners of virtual casinos provide not only real money bets, but also the opportunity to use the free mode. Having mastered the rules of the game in such way, the gambler can either take the real bets or continue to have fun with a free version of a slot game. Besides, neither the quality of the game nor the rules change if we are talking about free slots at Netent casino. The player experiences excitement without spending real money.
  • The advantage of playing for free is that the player can get acquainted with the slot machine in detail, learn about the hidden nuances, evaluate the quality of graphics and the entire device as a whole. No limits (of time or usage) of the test mode allow the player to become a real master before starting to play with real money.
  • Playing online slots for real money gives a different feeling of risk and excitement. A special category of entertainment is video slots with a game for money. After all, compared to their free counterparts, such emulators feature not only the aesthetic pleasure of the game play, but also tremendous excitement of the upcoming risk.
    Of course, the gambler, knowing that he may take a wrong step, will be more careful. But the accuracy is justified, especially when you multiply the coins you’ve got. There are even players who combine a pleasant process of entertainment with good earnings, making it almost the only source of income. Of course, this requires not only luck, but also a certain level of skills.
  • Another difference between the real money game and the test or free mode is a genuine excitement and thrill to gamble. If you play online video slots for free, you can hardly experience the full range of these emotions.

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