Game Features: Wild Symbol

Wild SymbolWild Symbols And The Benefits They Offer

Slots are all about excitement and surprise, and wild symbols are present to boost the experience of gambling to a whole new level by making the winning easier and offering new surprises. The functionality of a wild symbol is naturally filling in the place of any symbol to create a winning combination. The occurrence, feature, and types of wild symbols are unique across various slots and casinos.

Purpose of Wild Symbols

As said earlier, the use of a wild symbol is to replace any symbol in the game and make winning combinations easier. Some of them come with additional functionality than just replacing the symbols. The usual exception is only the restriction to replace the scatter symbols and their benefits. Wild symbols in most cases are the most powerful and offer the best earnings of all the possibilities in the slots.


Wild symbols have the most versatile and at times, look the most dominating and unique element of all the gaming symbols in the themed slots. They are rarely occurring symbols in the slots after the multipliers during base gameplay. The reason behind the rare occurrence is how powerful it is in making the winning chances.

In some slot games, the appearance of wild symbols is restricted to certain rows and conditions, and the functionality too is restricted. So check the gameplay rules before entering the slots if you want to make the most of wild symbol slots.

Types of Wild Symbols

The following are special wilds carrying an additional functionality of being the joker of cards.

  • Expanding Wild: They tend to fill more than one position in a reel, making the wins easier.
  • Sticky Wild: Once appeared in the grid, they tend to stick to the same spot for a few upcoming spins increasing the winning chances overall.
  • Shifting Wild: It is similar to the sticky wild except the spot is not fixed, but the occurrence of a wild symbol in upcoming spin is guaranteed. It appears on random locations increasing the winning possibility.
  • Wild Multiplier: They act as a multiplier to fill the missing symbol, and doubling or tripling the winning amount.

Do not underestimate the worth of wilds as a special symbol. Knowing more and more about wilds can help you improve the gameplay and win more by understanding the occurrence of various wilds.