Game Features: Scatter Symbol

Scatter SymbolWhat Are Scatter Symbols In Slots Game?

Scatter symbols are capable of packing the biggest of surprises in the entire gamut of online slot games. They have in them anything between a bonus spin to a 100x multiplier. Another specialty of the scatter symbol is, unlike any other symbol, they do not require being in a sequence or in the payline to take effect. Scatter symbols has a lot to explore even for the seasoned punters, so here is all about scatter slots given precisely.

Introducing Scatter Symbol

It is one of the slot game symbols that most often carry a unique and attractive image being packed with surprises. The scatter symbol is usually theme related and is available in less number compared to any other symbol in the reels. The significance of a scatter symbol, by the name, is the purpose of a symbol making an effect no matter wherever they appear on the reels. They need not make it to the payline, where you have a bet, to be considered for the bonus. The bonuses they bring to the table are endless and differ a lot across various slot games. Look for the game paytable, which must be readily available even before you make your first spin.

What Bonuses Do They Offer?

As said earlier, scatter symbol bonus possibilities are endless and left to the creativity of the slot creator and theme of it. That said, not all the slots have scatter symbols. It is common with 5 and 7-reel slots, while it is unusual with 3-reel slots. The typical bonuses that a scatter symbol offer are,

  • Free spins: most common bonus offering free spins for the same game
  • Scatter slots free coins: Offers coins whenever the scatter symbols appear on the grid but comes with wagering requirements most often.
  • Scatter multiplier: These are a special multiplier taking effect even if they are not a part of the pay line. Many occurrences of such multipliers make for a huge win.

How to Find the Best Scatter Slots?

Though not common, finding the scatter slots is not a difficult task. You can find the slots having some scatter symbols that offer benefits during the gameplay by checking the paytable. Or you can find a site having the listicle of the best scatter slots. This will save you a lot of time in finding the scatter slots with amazing bonuses.

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