Game Features: Bonus Rounds

Bonus RoundsWhat Are The Bonus Rounds? How Do They Work?

Bonus rounds, not common or consistent when slots ran on machines, have become increasingly popular with online slots. Bonus round features add a depth layering to the online casino games today, which the game designers include improving on the engagement of the audience. After all, what game developers want is increased time of play from the customers. By introducing bonus rounds, people end up spending more time with slots and winning more than usual making it a win-win scenario. Bonus rounds have grown predominantly to the level of using it as a marketing feature to attract players to one’s game or casino.

How Can You Get a Bonus Round?

Bonus rounds, an interesting element of any slot game today can be broken down to two based on the way of acquiring the bonus round. One is the allotment of bonus rounds right before the gameplay as a welcome bonus or based on offers. The other being winning bonus rounds with spins in the base gameplay. The winning of bonus rounds during gameplay can happen due to any of the following reasons that are purely subjective to the individual online slot game.

  • Bonus Symbols: These are special symbols occurring on the reels, which add to the bonus rounds on slot machines found on the play table.
  • Scatter Symbols: Bonus rounds are rewarded when a certain count of scatter symbols occur in whichever part of the reel.
  • Bonus Playline: By the name, it is based on a certain pre-determined sequence occurring in the payline that can be found in play table as well.

What Does a Bonus Round Offer?

While this too is purely subjective to the gameplay itself, it can be divided into two for understanding. The first type of bonus rounds on slots is getting free spins or bonus spins, triggered from any of the conditions we mentioned earlier. Being a bonus spin, the player does not get a chance to set paylines, the paylines that are bet during the occurrence of bonus is frozen for bonus spins too. The other type is taking you to a whole new bonus game from the base game. The bonus game can be anything from shooting a duck, picking cards or a fortune wheel spin. Once the chances in the bonus game are over, the base game appears back again to continue.